Pearl barley risotto with grilled tiger prawns, peas, basil and mint

Monday, July 05, 2010
There is pearl barley risotto under there - honest!This was for a hen party a few weeks ago. I normally do this with mint pesto, but as they had the summer style beef dish for the main course with watercress coulis I changed it to oyster sauce dressing with the risotto which I normally use for the asparagus and prawn dish (goes well with blackened cod and rice noodles too - that was our lunch today).
And for dessert? Just a little assiette:

Strawberry meringue roulade
Creme brulee
White chocolate and blueberry cheesecake
Chocolate and nut torte
Homemade Baileys ice cream

As there was one diabetic I made an alternative diabetic friendly assiette dessert as seen on a previous post.

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Grazing Kate said...

Wow, James! your cooking looks fantastic. I recently tried a 'frugal' dinner with pearl barley (so cheap!) that's in Allegra McVedy's book, Economy Gastronomy. It was kind of like a couscous salad but with pearl barley, and any green veg you have to hand (she recommended frozen mixed veg, but I used soya beans, asparagus, fresh peas and green beans - much nicer. This was served alongside grilled goats cheese on toasts. At the last minute my partner turned up with fresh scallops (he works near the sea)so we griddled them and added them to the mix. Delicious, thanks for your suggestion of turning pb into a risotto

James said...

Sounds good - pearl barley is so versatile.

Just restored the risotto pic - don't know where that went - blogger is being troublesome.