Sweet ravioli with marscapone and honey

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
2 years and 22 days after serving our first ever assiette of dessert which the guests at Rectory Park in Slimbridge had requested we were back there serving another, this one to go with an Italian themed menu.
  • Panettone 'bread' and butter pudding
  • Raspberry ricotta cheesecake - (was so much better than cream cheese think I might switch)
  • Apricot and cherry ravioli with marscapone and honey sauce
  • Creme brulee
  • Shotglass of mango sorbet (maybe not along the Italian theme but it was the hosts' son's favourite, and Italians do like their Gelateria)
I used this recipe for the sweet ravioli. Due to time pressures the pasta dough was the last thing I made in the afternoon before packing up all the ingredients and equipment.
After the starter had gone I set up the pasta machine, then as soon as the main course had gone I rolled it out and formed into ravioli - very similar to the empanadas I had made the previous Saturday.

Then as Gill was bringing in the main course plates I started to cook them. Couldn't be much fresher if you tried.

Aside from the assiette, the sweet ravioli make a great dessert in their own right - I can vouch for it.

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