Diabetic assiette of dessert

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Coeliac, vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, diabetic - we seemed to have it all last weekend. With soya milk & 'cream' there's a lot you can do for vegans and dairy free guests. For the diabetic guest on Sunday night at Summer Lake 4 (part of Watermark in the Cotswold Water Park near Cirencester) there was no way she could have eaten the baileys ice cream, chocolate torte, creme brulee etc that were part of the other hens' assiette of desserts so I made this one up on the spur of the moment as soon as the main course had gone out.Shotglass of natural yogurt with poached berries
Roast apricot with brazil nut
Strawberry and pistachio spoon
Banana, clementine and basil spoon
Physalis and pommegranate

You can always rely on hen parties to have some natural yogurt in the fridge - always the health concious ones.
I had apricots left from making apricot and frangipane tart the day before. Roasting the apricot with a little balsamic drizzled over for this dessert was something I'll have to try again.

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