Wedding buffet lunch at Upper Court near Tewkesbury

Thursday, May 13, 2010
Although Upper Court is directly next to the church in Kemerton (how handy) Bill and Diana also have a license for civil cermemonies to be held in the manor house itself. The wedding couple last weekend had chosen the latter and arrived back at the Coach House a little later for canapes, just as the sun surfaced - perfect spring conditions.
Wedding cake was from @Sweetascouk aka Jenny Hudson, a previous Claridges colleague now with her own delicious shop in Leamington (interesting where we have all ended up).

The wedding couple had asked for cold buffet menu when we met in February to discuss details, so this is what we put together.


Served as a starter with champagne as guests arrive

c. 12 – 12:30pm

Asparagus on baked new potatoes with smoked trout mousse

Mini stilton cheesecakes with red onion and port marmalade
King prawns wrapped in filo
[normally I bake these, but this time tried frying them instead - much better result I thought. See how they are made here]

Coconut and coriander fishcakes with curry mayonnaise

Beetroot rosti with pickled herring, sour cream and dill mustard

Harissa marinaded lamb skewers with hoummous


Served c. 1 – 1:30pm

Homemade walnut, raisin and rosemary bread rolls


Salad of free range Madgetts Farm chicken with tarragon mayonnaise
[One of my paternal grandmother's classics. While Grandad, dad and I would be busy tending the vegetable and soft fruit garden when I was young, Gran would be in the kitchen putting this together after elevenses had been seen to. I would be the runner cutting the webbs wonderful or butter lettuce, radishes & spring onions from the salad bed and tomatoes & cucumbers from the greenhouse - all the most important jobs. The eggs back then would come from the nunnery a few miles away.]
I also put celariac remoulade underneath the chicken for this one.

Salad of smoked duck, orange and pomegranate
Poached salmon with pesto mayonnaise
[Poached in court bouillon. I add some of the court bouillon ingredients as garnish - leek, celery, onion, thyme etc - it always seems a shame to throw them away. On top of the salmon I made a mix of diced red onions, peppers, olives, capers, basil with a little olive oil.]

Roast Home Farm sirloin beef with horseradish
Puy lentil and Home Farm bacon salad with beetroot and a grain mustard dressing
[a whole piece of Home Farm bacon roasted then cooled and sliced with puy lentils, beetroot, carrot, some of the pepper, onion & olive mix from the salmon bound with raspberry and mustard vinaigrette].

New potato in raspberry and mustard vinaigrette

Green salad

Grilled vegetables with wild nettle pesto


Wedding cake served as dessert with berries, raspberry coulis and pouring cream

[Look - the wedding cake all gets eaten! Normally by the time all the guests have got to the cake they have all had enough to eat, so it might get left or taken home. When you serve the cake as the dessert (or have a cheese wedding cake) it gets served & enjoyed by all the guests].


Assiette of cheeses with celery, grapes, dried fruit, oatcakes and Miller Damsel biscuits

St. Kennelm

A hard organic Broadway cheese with strong depth of flavour

St. Eadburgh's

A soft organic Broaadway cheese similar to a brie, with a slight musky taste

St. Oswold

A semi soft rind washed cheese with a rich strong taste

Blacksticks Blue

A crumbly soft blue cheese with a golden curd


Coffee, tea and handmade Cotswold clotted cream fudge

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