Pepper and coriander quinoa salad

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
6 am on Saturday morning and preparation for the breakfast and barbecue delivery is in full swing. All the ingredients ready for the cous cous salad..... apart from the cous cous. With 9 events in 3 days there are 1000's of ingredients involved and this was the only one I had missed. Fear not though - with the shop not open yet it was time to bring the quinoa to the fore. With plenty of lemon juice and olive oil it makes a refreshing change to cous cous. I liked it so much I'm doing it for another barbecue this Saturday.

Red onion

Sweat on medium heat.

Add Chicken/ vegetable stock (c. 750 ml per 200g raw quinoa)
Ground cumin
Ground coriander

Boil c. 15 - 20 mins till quinoa is soft and liquid all absorbed.

Raisins/ sultanas
Fresh coriander
Lemon juice
Olive oil or Cotswold Gold

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Jan said...

Looks delicious! A great combo of ingredients.