Meat Free Monday #20 - Fennel nicoise with quinoa

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Ok fennel I take it all back - this was just one of the best things I tasted all year.
Slow convert to fennel it has to be said. As I was in the transition between sleep and wakefulness early on Monday morning my eyes drifted over to the book shelf and....... Delia Smith's Summer Collection. Well you know - she is the nation's aunty. Couldn't help feeling this would be good. It was. Very. I want to make again straight away. With the electric grill so quick & easy too and no oil needed on the fennel either.

Nicoise was baby plum tomatoes, olives, mini capers, spring onion, basil, olive oil, salt.

Taste of the summer.

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Jan said...

I'll have a plate of that please! Looks delicious!