Meat Free Monday #22 - Tabbouleh with grilled vegetables, parnsip remoulade and garlic ciabatta

Monday, May 31, 2010
Can you see Broadway tower?(It's almost half way in the middle at the top of fish hill there). View from the kitchen I was cooking in earlier - beats industrial kitchens.
Bank Holiday Monday - you know what that means. Busy busy busy. No wait - that's every day. Half term is always busy for us though because families stay in the Cotswolds for the whole week rather than just the weekend so there are events going on each day of the week with 3 on Friday night with a client meeting before and then a wedding on Saturday.
While the guests were eating their main course at Masty House, I made the most of some left overs. Nice Booths china plates there to use - hadn't seen that Booths pattern before.

Bulgar wheat cooked in vegetable stock (c. 10 mins)
Dice tomato (seriously the Buckland tomatoes are unlike anything you can get in a shop)
Lemon juice
Olive oil or Cotswold Gold

Simple but so good. I served this to the guests with the shoulder of lamb - tabbouleh and lamb, classic combination.

Parsnip remoulade

Parsnip julienned on mandolin
Creme fraiche

So one day I'd ran out of celariac and tried parnsip instead. What a revelation. Sweet, creamy & crunchy all in one - where can you go wrong. Add carrot in there and you would have a variation on coleslaw. If you make it up to an hour in advance the parsnip softens a little and is much better. It went with the duck pate I had made for the guests I was cooking for, but there's always a little spare......
The story of my life [above]. Apart from the dusting (no time.... you can tell), mowing the lawn (ditto - my landlord gave up waiting and does it himself now) and walking the dog - a dog would be rather neglected with my hours, but the neighbour's cat comes calling every morning.

More info on Meat Free Monday here.

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