Meat Free Monday #21 - Salad of chargrilled sweetcorn, peas & spelt

Monday, May 24, 2010
If 2009 was the year of bread making, 2010 is becoming the year of the grains. As in trying them all out. As I picked up the week's shopping I found this:
and these:

and it became this:
Recipe here.

Yes I know it was one of the hottest days of the year - but life goes on and so does the work in the kitchen. All night. So while everyone else in the country was barbecuing I put this together in between function sheets, lists, emails and reorganising the kitchen ready for the next few weeks.

More info on Meat Free Monday here.

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j-in-catering said...

I like the idea of 'meat free Monday'; full vegetarianism is too hard for me! this recipe looks like a fantastic introduction to the system as well; thanks for posting it!