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Monday, May 24, 2010
"I think that would make a great birthday present!" That was nearly 3 years ago for a lady to give to her sister for a significant birthday. Last Friday was finally the day the recipient had picked. You couldn't have chosen a better day as it turned out - the warm weather meant the guests could have pre-dinner drinks and canapes out on the terrace and could leave the doors and windows open while they ate - just like you were in the med. The drive over going through Bibury was stunning - the Cotswolds bursting with summer life. Ity sure beats travelling though London on the packed tube. Lots of anglers in the river Coln in Bibury making the most of the warm Friday night.
Salmon in hoi sin with pea puree and basil. They had made a last minute request for canapes in addition to the meal and as I looked around I came up with this along with 2 other types. Rather like the gammon with pea puree I made the week before. The salmon cooked at the last minute in the aga was soft and delicious - great summer canape. I had a little help with the service of the canapes from the host's young daughters before they went to bed - they did a great job.
Ever popular aga roasted asparagus with sauteed tiger prawns and oyster sauce dressing.
Rack of lamb with aubergine and potato gratin, spinach, courgettes and a tomato and basil jus
Assiette of five desserts. This one was shotglass of tirimisu, Blueberry and white chocolate cheesecake, chocolate torte, glazed lemon tart and mini strawberry meringue roulade.
"Is there anything here for me?" The great thing about cooking dinner parties in people's homes is I get to meet so many dogs. Jack was a cutie.
Great aga. Electric oven and gas rings on the left - so you have the best of both worlds. I just used the traditional aga (right side) though - that was everything I needed.

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