1001 Kitchen Tips #58 - How to make garlic puree... fast

Thursday, May 27, 2010
I ordered some time from the vegtable supplier yesterday, but when they delivered they brought thyme instead. Shame - could really have done with the time. In fact the time had run out so badly this afternoon that I had to find a quick way to make garlic puree. When you're against the clock you often find some ingenious new methods - and you're so annoyed you didn't think of it before.Yes - that's right, in the mini proccessor with salt and a bit of olilve oil. Maybe 10 - 12 cloves and maybe a tablespoon of olive oil. Now I'll try making a bit more and keeping it on hand in the fridge - great time saver. Like pesto if you want to stop it oxidising you just need to cover the top with veg/ olive oil. If this has been in the fridge for a while the oil can set like crystals, and some people take this to mean it has gone off and throw it away. It is just the oil setting though, and if you take it back to room temperature the oil melts again - there, did that save waste?

Of course you can buy garlic ready made - but really, it just tastes so awful and artificial, so I always make my own. At least now there's a quick way.....

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