Meat Free Monday #16 - Red rice salad with grilled asparagus (and garlic mushrooms, grilled aubergine and avocado with walnuts)

Monday, April 19, 2010
What's this - a Meat Free Monday post actually on the day?
This was 8 hours ago. Finally found the camera lead. I have a whole load of Meat Free Monday posts to catch up on - the last few weeks have just been so busy.

I had wanted to try a red rice salad for a while (big rice fan). Between emails and lists I fixed a quick lunch utilsing the last of the asparagus stalks (tips were used for a canape) and an avocado left from a chicken and avocado salad.
Garlic mushrooms too - with garlic butter left from making garlic bread and some grilled aubergines and butternut squash with mint and lemon juice.
I tried out the electric health grill. It's sloped so the oil drips out and is caught. No smoke too.

Red rice salad

Cooked red rice
Sliced black olives
Sliced sundried tomato
Diced raw fennel
Lemon juice (lots)
Olive oil

But you could add what you liked really.

Maybe enough for 2 but I had walked up an appetite in the Malvern hills the day before.


Jan said...

I've just bought me a packet of red rice - can't wait to use it!
All this looks delish!

James said...

Will be interesting to see what you do. Will try making mix next - red rice, millet seed, spelt, quinoa and pearl barley & bulgar wheat. Beats the normal plain rice.