Meat free Monday #9 - Pasta with asparagus hollandaise and Blue cheese homity pie

Monday, March 01, 2010
Most Mondays are office days - I have around 30 job titles (last time I counted - and that was 3 years ago), and Monday is when I catch up with my clerk, accountant, events organiser, purchasing agent and secretary roles.

This Monday was no different - a full on 16 hour day attempting to catch up with the backlog. As it was also St. Davids Day, leeks were on the cards.

Lunch had to be quick - in between phonecalls and emails (as soon as I answered one email another came in, then the phone went). I looked in the fridge. There were baked new potatoes left from the all vegetarian canape party a couple of days before and leeks from a leek and sweet potato risotto from another party I had on that night. There is always cheese of some kind around - in this case Blue Shropshire - all the ingredients for a homity pie so that is what I made (always have spare tart cases around).

Homity pies are just another classic from my nana's repertoire - ever since one of her WI friends made them some 20+ years ago for their WI bake sales. She brought them and liked them so much she sought out the recipe. Doesn't get much easier - but the easiest things are often the best. There's something very comforting about the cheese, potato and onion mix - and it was often a Saturday lunch staple on our monthly (they did live 180 miles away) visits. Comfort food is just what you need when you are surrounded by bits of paper, emails and figures.

Still going strong by 21:00 of course (another 5 hours to go), but the hunger pangs were kicking in again. There were also the asparagus stems left from the canape party (only use the very tips for the baked potato and asparagus canape) so I roasted these rolled in a little olive oil while the pasta cooked. I was thinking of asparagus hollandaise (can't beat a classic?) but as I had some fresh tarragon in the fridge turned it into bearnaise - rude not to.

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