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Monday, March 01, 2010
3. Cheltenham

So I landed in Bristol at 1:30 from Portugal and by 3pm was back at work. 122 emails awaited (and they didn't stop coming - as fast as I answered more were coming in) and there were 4 parties to organise for the Saturday. And it was Meat Free Monday too.
Chocolate nemesis with espresso syrup and vanilla marscapone - a favourite bistro style dessert

Anne Meadows had phoned me while I was busy cooking in Portugal to ask what I needed from them as they were on holiday the week after..... to Portugal themselves (did we meet midair going opposite ways?). With everything going on at the time I had no idea as I hadn't got to the function sheets before I left, so I had to leave it. All was not lost though - as it turned out when I got back all we needed was chicken and duck which I normally pick up there. So as the Meadows were away I phoned Madgetts direct and went down to the farmers market in Gloucester on Friday and picked it up there. As I was parked in London Road carrying 3 ducks and 5 chickens back from the stall was certainly my weight lifting exercise for the week. Once you've experienced the Madgetts Farm chicken and duck you really can't get it from anyone else.

Adam was cooking the chicken for a hen party near Evesham - a murder mystery to boot with all the hens in fancy dress. Take a look at their character names:

Lauren Coupon
Vicar of Dribbley
Jennifer “Edina” Saunas
Paula Ranovercliff
Demi Moron
Lindsay Lowhanded
Katie Priceless
Dolly Pardon
Nancy De Lilo
Davina McCallgirl
Amy Winebottle
Her Majesty The Queen
Dame Edna Everitch
Joanna “Patsy” Lovely
Jane “Bubble” Horlicks
Vicky Bollard
Lily Sausage
Catherine Jinxthings
Ulrika Garlic
Maria Slapperallover
Nan Bread

Sounded like great fun. I meanwhile, was cooking the bistro dish of ballottine of duck with cumberland sauce in Cheltenham for @JigsawHolidays whilst being quizzed by her younger siblings (I've got a fanclub).

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