Assiette of desserts

Tuesday, March 09, 2010
I was really looking forward to serving this one.
Each assiette of desserts we serve is slightly different. This one, served near Cirencester last Saturday was:

Mini tarte tatin - apple - as seen here

Mini bread and butter pudding – traditional

Chocolate torte - smaller version of this

Mini chocolate eclairs

Mini blueberry and white chocolate cheesecake - also seen last week

When I received 2 bookings for an all canape wedding reception I thought it was time I extended the canape menu and looked for a few new ideas. Lemon curd bread and butter pudding has always been a favourite - and there's always another use for butter dishes. The tarte tatin works really well in the small version too.

Bad lighting I know. A bit of fiddling with the bulb had made the kitchen light work in the first place, though after the dinner party we cooked by candlelight for 32 during a power cut in January, one dud light seemed like nothing.....

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Maggie said...

I love it when you post your assiette of desserts - they always look fabulous.

Jan said...

Yum - they all look delish!