Meat Free Monday #7 - Pepper, mozzarella and basil tart

Thursday, February 18, 2010
So fast food can be good food - when you make it yourself!And it doesn't come much faster than this. After a week working in Portugal I flew back last Monday (now writing a few days later). Touched down at 1:30pm and was back at work by 3. 122 emails awaited (and they didn't stop coming - as fast as I answered more were coming in) and there were 4 parties to organise for the Saturday.

So when it came to eating it had to be fast, and looking through the fridge for left overs I came accross homemade tomato sauce, peppers and mozzarella.... and this is what it became, using the same idea with puff pastry as the asparagus and gruyere tart from last year. As I have basil growing in a few pots it was still going strong, and some larger leaves went on top of the tomato sauce. The peppers were fried in a little olive oil and balsamic added at the last minute and you cook for 20 mins. The puff pastry pizza - how can you go wrong?

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