Homemade frugal crisps

Wednesday, February 03, 2010
A good kitchen they say has no waste.....
..... even when it comes to potato peelings. There's only so much my compost bin will take after all.

A lot of the fibre and vitamins are in or under the skin of potatoes. Adam made these last November (that's how far behind I am with blogposts).

Rolled in a little olive oil, maldon salt and smoked paprika (watch out though - the one we had was like rocket fuel!) and baked in the oven till crisp, turning a few times so they cook evenly.

Better than deep frying. Why are they are pushed to the side of the tray? Heat trasfer - in a gas oven it cooks from the outside in, so pushing them to the side (like the roast potatoes) ensures they will cook evenly. If you have a convection oven there's no prob.

So what do you do with your potato peelings?

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Jan said...

Yum! What a great idea.