Dairy free assiette of desserts

Thursday, February 04, 2010
Always like to go the extra mile - I think it's important that those with dietary requirements should have as close to everyone else as possible. It really helps if we know well in advance so we make the neccessary arrangements.
This was an assiette of desserts we served at Hill House in January - I was there 3 out of 5 Saturdays that month (with other events going on elsewhere). Very very quick photo just as it was being taken into the dining room.

For this assiette I made:
  • A dairy free ice cream with soya 'cream' and Delia's hedgerow jelly rather than the Baileys ice cream we served the other guests (hard to tell which was better though).
  • A chocolate tart (hiding from view behind the shotglass) was made with a base of nice biscuit (which is dairy free) and soya pure, then chocolate and soya 'cream' for the filling, almost like the chocolate tart we served for everyone else but fridge set rather than baked.
  • Strawberry tartlet with a little dairy free creme patiserrie
  • (Toffee flavour) dairy free creme brulee in a japanese spoon - similar to the creme brulee we served for everyone else.
  • Chocolate dipped strawberry
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