Meat Free Monday #2 - Egg and Chips

Monday, January 11, 2010
When I first thought of doing Meat Free Mondays I was worried if there wouldn't be enough new things to try. Now I'm worried there aren't enough Mondays in the week.
Making mini cheesecakes in muffin cases was a revelation last year. Eaten fresh from the oven, frittata can be one of the best things. I thought making frittata in the same way - in muffins cases - would be another great buffet idea. Sure enough try googling it and you get some pretty tasty versions. Here's another.

Still going through a butternut squash phase, so the frittata was:
4 eggs
(some) Milk
Ground nutmeg, s & p
Cooked spinach
Roasted butternut squash
Grated cheddar
Whole grain mustard

You also need Marg's tip of spraying the muffin cases with oil, or brushing them with oil if you don't have a spray. Stops the contents sticking to the case.

And the chips? Parnsip chips roasted in a little olive oil, having cut out the tough middle core with pesto mayo for dipping.

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Kari said...

I have recently started a love affair with parsnips. I'm going to have to try this.

James said...


Jan said...

Yum! Parsnip chips are delish!

Helen said...

I've done the same - made mini frittatas in a yorkshire pudding tray. It works well doesn't it. I used Stilton in mine. My intention was to snack on them for a few days I think but I ended up eating the lot in one day they were so good!

James said...

Mmm stilton. Yes - I used 4 eggs thinking it would make 2 meals but ate them all in one go.... it'd been an energetic day.