Bagel allstars

Monday, December 21, 2009
While Adam finished off the last tuile baskets before I rushed off to deliver one bistro meal and cook another one, I delved in the van for the camera and grabbed the quick photo above - couldn't miss these!

Well it did say 'insert card here'! It might not top up the credit on your mobile, but it does make these festive bagels which will be eaten in just a few hours.

In fact the credit card is a nifty cutting device to make the star shape. You make 3 cuts and turn them inside out.

I had been meaning to make these since I first saw them here on Chuck's always inspiring Knead For Bread blog in January..... but January's suddenly become December again.

His step by step photos are great for this - makes it look so easy - which it is really. I did cheat slightly. Never enough time, so I used my regular bread mix, and after proving and shaping let them prove again for about 15 minutes and boiled them up, rather than leaving it overnight. The first tester one I did ended up the size of a bread loaf, so I had to reform the rest smaller. You want to start off with a dough ball the same size you would use for a regular bread roll. The remainder of the bagel mix was turned into onion and thyme bakers knots which proved on the way to the venue and were baked once I got there, just in time for when they sat down - now that's fresh!

These were accompanied with (what else?) smoked salmon and cream cheese.

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