Madgetts Farm duck at Cheltenham farmers market

Friday, November 06, 2009
Once you've tried the duck and chicken from Madgett's Farm, there's no going back. Normally I get them via the Meadows at Home Farm so I can collect everything in one go. When we are very busy however and we need to concentrate on the weekend in hand, they have sometimes delivered at Home Farm before I have put my order in - as you really need to work a week in advance. All is not lost though - while they do the deliveries on Tuesday and Wednesday, on Thursday to Saturday they sell at the local Farmers markets. I picked up a couple of ducks last year from them at the Gloucester farmers market held at the cross in the centre of Gloucester.

A couple of weeks ago Adam caught up with them at Cheltenham farmers market on the prom after delivering desserts to Burger Burger. I had phoned the night before just to make sure they brought enough ducks with them. It's worth going out of your way to find the best ingredients.

Farmers markets really are amazing - so many wonderful things you won't see elsewhere, and you know exactly where it comes from - you can talk to the people who grow/ make/ rear it.

There's some great farmers market shopping tips here.

Like the duck from the Smallholding in Chadbury (which is plucked by hand), it's the dry skin and the hanging that makes a lot of difference to these ducks - you can read more about the proccess they use at Madgetts here.

Find your local farmers market on the Big Barn map.

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Helen said...

I have never been to neither Gloucester nor Cheltenham farmers markets despite the fact that I was born in one place and lived in both. Shocker!

Sam said...

I love shopping at farmers markets, you can find so many unusual and special ingredients there.

Jim Shears said...

I remember this being mentioned by the owners of a quaint cotswold restaurant we went to this past June - I shall definitely have to sample the next one :)

Jim Shears

James said...

Helen - shocking - you know where they are though!

Sam - special is right!

Jim - Thanks. Heard lots of good things about the White Hart in Winchcombe - will have to get there.