Where can I find local food and produce cheaper than the supernarket?

Thursday, October 08, 2009
Yes - local food can be not just better tasting, better quality but it can also be cheaper than the supermarket, and you know exactly where your food has come from - you can often see it in the fields!

There are 523 (that's 2 more in the last 4 days!) local outlets cheaper than the supermarket on the Big Barn website. You can use their map to find the one nearest you.

I have found this map really useful in the last few years - so I am only telling you about it now rather belatedly. It is how I have found a number of local farm shops like the Meadows at Home Farm (which I now go to at least once a week), Donnington trout farm, Hayles fruit farm, Simon Weaver's cheese, The Cheeseworks in Cheltenham and Old Farm (which I still need to visit). It also points out all the local farmers markets - I found the Gloucester one from that where I once picked up some free range duck from Madgetts Farm for a last minute booking.


Jan said...

Bet theres not a 'Big Barn' near me :(
Off to have a look now - thanks for sharing.
Ps: I can't decide on the colour for my blog so that's why it keeps changing!

James said...

Big Barn just guide you to your local farm shops/ delis/ farmers markets etc. Becuas ehtey can cut out the middle men, some of them are cheaper than the supermarlet. I found it through a local farmer who was singing its praises - every bit helps!

Jan said...

Doh! Yes I reaslised that soon as I went to their site. Thanks James.

George@CulinaryTravels said...

It is so true about local food being cheaper than the supermarket in many cases. I haven't been to a supermarket in months now and that is such a lovely feeling.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment too :)