1001 Kitchen Tips #52 - Can cooking apples be frozen raw?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Apparently so.

I seem to have squeezed 25 hours into a day but sometimes you need more. On the day I froze the apples I was making some new desserts for a tasting session at Burger Burger in Cheltenham as they are changing their menu. Half way through preparing their toffee apple pie I had to leave to meet a wedding party to go over plans for their wedding next year, so squeezed a little lemon juice over the raw cooking apples and put them in the freezer, and the pastry covered with damp greasproof paper coevred with cling film in the fridge.

On my return I just had to put it together really quickly and get it in the oven.

This might be a good way to deal with a glut of cooking apples - you can keep them in the freezer till you need them. Also a good way to break up the task of making your apple pie at home - you could make the pastry and apples in the morning and then finish it off and bake it when you get home in the evening.

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