Warm salad of duck confit and lentils

Tuesday, September 01, 2009
Just mining the photo archives I found this.

Lentils, bacon, onions, carrots, garlic, thyme braised in duck stock and white wine, finished off with a little reduced duck stock. This was a delivery meal, so no photo of the finished dish. I gave them rocket too and a vinaigrette made from reduced duck stock, cider vinegar, olive oil (a nut oil would be good too) and wholegrain mustard. The version on the above right was the left over lentils with shredded confit..... well you have to 'test' things.

Originally it should have been pigeon but it was a last minute booking. When you're in London you can find ingredients all over the place at the last minute. In the Cotswolds it's not so easy with some items. Like the pigeon. Collins, the butcher in Broadway had sold out and they needed a week's notice. So had the Tewkesbury butcher. And all the other ones I tried. Finally I remembered Clive Porter in Mickleton where I once lived for 2 years. He is about as traditional as butchers get - with game hanging up on the meat hooks outside the shop in season. Yes he had some pigeon and would save me some. I timed the Friday delivery route so I could stop off there just before he closed at 5pm. 4:45pm - no sign of life, van gone, windows closed, door bolted, phone unanswered. The sun had come out - it was a Friday afternoon. Butchers and chefs live at different hours. I was out of time - there was nothing I could do but go back and substitute the pigeon for duck confit. But you know - it's hard to say which is better. And of course they liked the duck.


Mariana Kavroulaki said...

In Greece it’s also not easy to find ducks and pigeons. What should I use instead of them? I mean pigeons and ducks are quite unique and I am not sure that hens could be a suitable substitute

James said...

It also goes really well with slow roast pork belly. You could add some diced apples to the lentils too then or saute some apple slices.

Mariana Kavroulaki said...

Thanks a lot!