Roulade of sole and king prawns with whisky sauce

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Updating an old favourite.
This time round with a little sole mousse (below left) and king prawns.

The fillets are spread with a little of the mousse (holds the prawn in place) and rolled up and skewered to hold them together while cooking, after which the skewer is removed.

Whisky sauce - made in almost the same way as the beer sauce, though of course, a smaller amount of whisky. I went for a more Welsh version of Colcannon (creamed potato with leeks, kale, garlic and a little wholegrain mustard) to accompany it.

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Jan said...

Ooh yum - did you save any for me?!
Love the idea of Whiskey sauce.

James said...

Knew I'd forgotten something ;)

The whisky goes well with gravadlax too - a dill/ mustard/ whisky dressing. Or shellfish. Scallops and whisky sauce - what a Scottish classic.....

Sam said...

I love the sound of whisky sauce, I bet it works really well with the fish too. Wonderful.