English muffins

Monday, September 21, 2009
I have a new toy.

A Le Creuset griddle - ridged on one side and flat on the other. What a very fine piece of equipment. The flat side was what I used to make these. I'd been waiting for an excuse to make this recipe for a few months.
With so much going on, I ran out of time, so as these were for breakfast for the wedding party the morning after the big day, I finished the last ones at the house after we had served the wedding breakfast. We also left them bacon to go in the middle, as well as a few other essential breakfast items.
I might try making crumpets on the griddle next......


Anonymous said...

I've been coveting the Le Creuset griddle pan for some time, they look beautiful but there's nothing wrong with my current pan :(

The muffins look great, interested to see how your crumpets work out; I've not tried them but I know they can be tricky!

Joie de vivre said...

I did these a little while ago. They tasted sooooo much better than the yucky, underbaked ones from the package! I should make some more!

Thanks for sticking with me and for commenting on my blog. It's good to be back after my little rest!

Jan said...

I LOVE Le Creuset stuff and I love your griddle!! Those muffins look delish.