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Tuesday, September 08, 2009
Talk about déjà vu. A week minus 4 hours after I was cooking a barbecue at Wellacres near Moreton in Marsh, I was back cooking another one. This time for 30 adults and a childrens buffet for 15.

Thai style blackened cod was on the menu again - even more popular this week than the one before if that was possible.

Blackened cod

The name comes from the colour the marinade imparts, rather than it being burnt on the barbecue (it wasn't).

I cut 100 - 120g steaks for this and marinaded them in the morning in a mixture of soy sauce, oyster sauce, thai fish sauce, lime zest, dark brown sugar, microplaned ginger and garlic, ground cumin and coriander seeds, chillies and fresh coriander. With all that umami it's no wonder it became the talk of the day, and people came back for more.

Beef rib eye steaks

Marinaded in barbecue sauce

Harrissa marinaded lamb steaks

Lamb from Home Farm.

This was accompanied by spinach salad, roasted vegetable cous cous and potato salad.

Chocolate fondue with fruit skewers and marshmallows

We cleared the salads and as I put down the first plate of fruit skewers down one of the children spotted them and picked one up. I took over the bowl of chocolate fondue, and the word was out and the chocolatefest began. This only increased when I put down the plate of marshmallows. Chocolate fondue is such a great party dessert!

The figs, now in season, were more for the adults, and next to grilling them with blue cheese it is one of the nicest ways to eat them.

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Julie said...

Oh man, that chocolate fondue looks amazing! Just beautiful :)

Palidor said...

Wow, all the food looks amazing. I wish I could have been at the BBQ!!

Maggie said...

Everything looks wonderful.
At least the weather has been good recently so we can enjoy barbecues again.

James said...

Julie - it turns into more of a social event than a dessert. You should try it. Dipping biscuits in it is great too.

Palidor - Thanks for stopping by.

Marg - Thanks. We were lucky with this one - I always check the 4 day forecast on a Tuesday before a Saturday BBQ, and it forecast light rain. As it turned out I woke at 6am to the sun beaming in the window - shows how much the forecasters know. It turned out to be quite a barbecue summer in the end - more than every other year, and only one which we had to serve inside while I cooked under a stone archway.