Assiette of desserts

Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Three parties last Saturday. After setting up the other two I dashed down the M5 to cook for this one at Rectory Park, Slimbridge. Organised between father and daughter for their wife's/ mother's birthday. What a nice suprise turning up at Rectory Park must be. They had chosen all the things she liked - Gambas pil pil (there's something so right about prawns cooking in garlic), roast loin of pork, and then this selection of favourite desserts.

Lemon tart
Japanese spoon of crème brûlée
Mini sticky toffee pudding (used the canape yorkshire pudding tins for this)
Shotglass of mango sorbet
Vanilla ice cream cone

The mango sorbet was immediately one of my favourite things I had made all year (and that's quite a lot of things). I had been looking for a no egg recipe (by the time they had decided on the flavour it was too late to order pasteurized egg white) and I found this recipe - it turned out great. I used all mango rather than the nectarines and added a couple of glugs of Cointreau too.

For the ice cream cones I used the normal tuile mix and made semi circle tuiles and rolled them up taking them out of the oven one by one. If I do this again I will try making flat bottomed cones. These ones I secured in a piece of melon (scooped with a tablespoon measure and pierced a hole with a small knife for the cone to sit in). I pre-scoooped the ice cream before I served the starter. Then at the last minute before serving I took the plates out to the hall table just outside the dining room and put the ice cream on there so there would be less distance to carry them - the step halfway down the hall always gets you. It helps when you know the house you're working in!

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