Fish and chips........ on the barbecue

Sunday, July 12, 2009
Looking for some other barbecue ideas to suggest to the organiser of the hen party I googled fish recipes, but kept coming up with fish and chips. What good would fish and chips be on a barbecue? But then I thought how good would fish and chips be on a barbecue!You just have to think laterally. And in this case - on a stick. I baked potatoes in the oven and refrigerated them overnight so they 'set' then cut them into pieces. The fish was salmon (skin on), cod and tuna marinated in hoi sin. Skewering the potatoes through the skin meant they held together. As they cook the salmon skin and the potatoes crisp up.

This would have been barbecued if it hadn't started raining as I set off to Stroud. As it was they were cooked indoors under the grill. We only had a domestic sized grill to play with and 21 people eating so I started cooking early and then flashed everything through the two ovens just before serving. Putting foil over the top and bottom of the skewers stopped them from burning.

Nicoise salad, spinach salad and potato salad accompanied this, along with lamb kofta tortilla wraps and cajun chicken (marinated overnight - definitely do that again too).

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