Barbcued bananas in toffee sauce

Sunday, July 05, 2009
You can order the barbecue, but you can't order the weather. Luck was with us last night at Upper Court and the weather held, so we set up tables for the 37 guests right by the lake - always a great back drop.

After the pork (as seen in a previous post), Donnington trout marinaded in coconut and lime (24 hours marinading and it really takes on the flavours) and chicken poached in plum and brandy wine and wrapped in parma ham had finished cooking, there was just enough heat left in the coals to cook these bananas and caramelised pineapple.

The bananas just go on raw, and because of their natural sugar content caramelise on the outside and go wonderfully soft in the middle.

Then they were served with warm toffee sauce on top, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, and chopped mint from the kitchen garden just a few steps away from where I was barbecuing. There was also malibu ice cream which I had been making over the previous 3 days.

You could also do these indoors on a grill pan - instant dessert, well almost.

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Sam said...

Barbecued bananas are really good, I normally get strange looks when I suggest it though!

James said...

I had a few sceptics too - until they tasted them.....

Marta said...

I saw grilled bananas on the TV the other day, what a fun idea!!! I must try it, they looks like a gret dessert, and they must be so nice and mushy, yummy!

Rico said...

I've never seen barbecued bananas but from what I've seen I would definitely love this dish well made and super delicious :) xxx

Maggie said...

We love bbq bananas and pineapple. Pleased the weather held off for you - we had to finish our bbq under the parasol because it rained......