Vegetarian sausages

Monday, June 22, 2009
You can buy vegetarian sausages in supermarkets - but have you ever tasted them? The cardboard boxes they are sold in probably have more flavour. I couldn't really bring myself to serve those. So like everything else I make my own.
I've always liked the pearl barley in black pudding - and these vegetarian sausages have pearl barley in too. I used the vegetarian kofta recipe I had used last year, replacing the bulgar with pearl barley, and the aduki beans with a mixture of chickpeas, black eye beans, cannellini and red kidney beans (the aduki beans turn out a little too dark for this purpose), and rolled the mix into sausage shapes in cling film as above. I didn't really measure any of the ingredients - and probably added more ground coriander and cumin that they say, and added some ground ginger too.

Thinking they might set up over night (well a few hours in the morning as the sun rose on the longest day as it turned out) I left them in the fridge. I found they don't set raw as the mix is quite wet. This means you get tasty and moist vegetarian sausages - rather than adding extra bread crumbs which will dry them out. So as I got to the house on Sunday morning, I dropped them in to the freezer to make a firm layer around the outside, setting them into a sausage shape. They have recently invested in new fridge freezers in a couple of the houses at Upper Court, and the freezers chill things down faster than a blast freezer. So once they had set I could unwrap them, put them on a baking sheet and bake them in the oven - and then serve them with everything else you need for a vegetarian Sunday breakfast - homemade baked beans, hash browns, Oakfield organic portobello mushrooms, locally grown tomatoes & scrambled burford brown eggs.
Vegetarian sausages with homemade baked beans

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Helen said...

Well I applaud you for making veggie sausages, even though I think the idea is totally pointless. I mean, if you are vegetarian, then you don't eat sausages so why even try, right? I bet these do taste delicious though, because I have faith in you to make them taste delicious. I bet I know what would make them taste even better though (it begins with p). P.s thanks for the tip on the crumpets :)

Dave said...

So why exactly is it pointless to make vegetarian sausages? Who says vegetarians don't eat sausages? Vegetarianism is not a disliking of meat it is a decision not to eat the flesh of dead animals because killing animals is wrong and is an unsustainable practice in terms of the environment as well.

Anonymous said...

A sausage is a shape, not an ingredient. Meat-eaters shape meat into sausages shapes to make it easier/ more fun to eat. Vegetarians do the same.