Spelt bread & bread rolls

Friday, June 05, 2009

How many months have I been eyeing the spelt flour up every time I pop up to Home Farm? Must be 6 months at least. They have all the Wessex Mill regulars - white, wholemeal, strong white, rye etc. but it's the spelt that I haven't tried before, and now have an excuse as the only bread that one of the guests can eat tommorrow is spelt bread - spelt being very low in gluten.

The texture was just so different to supermarket flour - almost equal to the hand ground flour that you can get from the local Overbury estate (they have an antique hand flour mill in the kitchen). And I must say it makes one of tastiest loaves. Good spread with dulce de leche too......

Due to the low gluten content I played on the safe side and added a teaspoon of baking powder too, otherwise just used the normal bread recipe:

750g flour
450 ml liquid - mostly hand-hot water, and a little olive oil
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1 pkt (7g) instant yeast

(1tsp baking powder for the spelt flour loaf;  maybe try adding molasses too next time.)

How to knead bread? I was taught before I could talk - it often sounds odd when you meet people who have never done it before. There's a great youtube vid below to help you along.

There's some other bread shapes linked below and more pics on our facebook bread album (including the white wine foccacia.

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