Hash browns

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Normally I make potato rostis for the english breakfasts we either deliver ready to heat, or that we cook and serve in the house. Last Friday though I was packing up 3 meals (2 course bistro meal, cooked breakfast and a 3 course dinner party meal) for a budget weekend catering package which was delivered in a catering size cool box to a group taking it away Derbyshire for the weekend. As they had the rostis on one of the evening meals, I made the hash browns for the breakfast slightly differently.

These were made almost the same way as the rostis, but with baked potatoes and softened red onions.

The baking potatoes give a wonderful strong flavour, and once cooked you cool them down for a good few hours in the fridge (this stops them falling apart) before cutting them into large slices. Like the rostis, a little egg and cornflour helps keep them together. You could also add pancetta, ham or smoked salmon in the potato mix.

Breakfast menu

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