Roasted vegetable en croute

Thursday, May 14, 2009
I've done a few of these all vegetarian menus now. This was for a family staying in Chipping Campden for the weekend almost 2 weeks ago, and the hostess was cooking for her daughters, grandchildren and other family members, and wanted everything delivered so she could finish it off simply.

Instead of a starter we went for 6 different canapes. For the main course they were having trouble deciding, and as it was a fish-eating vegtarian party in the end we went for a combination of sole roulades with asparagus coulis (asparagus, white wine, creme fraiche) and these roasted vegetables en croute with vegetarian gravy. I did enough roulades so there were 2 per person, and 5 of the en croute so, if they wanted, they could cut each in half, and then they could each have a bit of both.

Roasted celariac, swede and butternut squash, peppers with creamy mushrooms and leeks (which gives a little moisture).

Served with new potatoes, runner and broad beans.

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