Lunch near Stratford on Avon

Monday, May 11, 2009
It's always good to catch up with previous clients. Especially when they're so nice, and cooking in their home feels so relaxing. This time it was a lunch party for a select group of friends, and as luck would have it, it was a warm and sunny day.

Just in season at that point (2 weeks ago) I found some asparagus just outside Pershore and re-created the grilled asparagus and parmesan dish which I used to do a couple of years back.

Slow cooked shoulder of lamb with tabbouleh and grilled vegetables

When I cooked the whole lamb in February I really liked the way it went so well with the salads - a much lighter alternative to a traditional Sunday roast with roast potatoes etc.

The slow cooked shoulder of lamb has quickly become popular after I put it on our summer bistro and Sunday lunch menu - I cooked it again that week for 30 people for a Sunday lunch buffet. Being cooked for 6 hours means it is really soft and tender, and because it is sourced directly from the farm you know it's produced by farmers that really care about their animals - and this shows in the texture and flavour of the meat - you can't beat it.

This version was served with tabbouleh (hiding underneath the lamb) and grilled & roast vegetables - aubergine (which is a classic with lamb), courgettes, peppers, a spoon of pesto on top and a wedge of roasted butternut squash on top of that.

Summer pudding

An english classic which is a must as soon as the warmer weather comes along.

What was the verdict?

Thank you so much for cooking such a wonderful lunch yesterday. It was seasonal, fresh & absolutely delicious & was very much appreciated by our guests. After our holiday in France we will fix our entertainments for the rest of the year.

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Maggie said...

The slow cooked shoulder of lamb looks wonderful.
Also, I could just eat the summer pudding now!