Beef olive with pearl barley risotto and grilled vegetables

Thursday, May 28, 2009
"I'd like the beef olive.... without the olives please"

Ever been in a bistro and heard this? It's the idea of a stuffed olive that lends the dish it's name though, rather than the dish actually containing olives.
I've been looking at the WTSIM food blogging event for a couple of years, yet never got round to entering anything. Almost got there last month - retro dishes - but then got so many last minute parties to cook for that it went right down the list of priorities.

This month the task was to blog about a bistro dish - which I do here quite often, since my bistro menu has become more and more popular in the last year.

I was still wondering what to do as I drove up to Home Farm where I was beckoned inside the butchery by Micky, the farmer/ butcher. He had a skirt laid out on the bench - "What do you think?" he asked "beautiful" I said. And it was. An amazing piece of beef skirt.

But I didn't have anything I could do with it - I like to sell things before I buy the ingredients rather than the other way round - but as I reversed out of the yard I stopped, then went back in and picked up the skirt. It was just too good to miss.

I once made a steak baguette for the executive and sous chef at Claridges when I was a more junior larder chef, using what we had in our mise en place - the grilled sirloin steak, tomatoes, rocket, parmesan and shallot mayo. They liked the combination. They liked it a lot. And it became steak parmesan (without the baguette), a classic on the foyer menu - with bearnaise rather than the mayo. So I was thinking of something similar to go inside this piece of beef to make a beef olive. This time I had some blacksticks blue cheese, watercress, sun dried tomato and wild mushrooms which I mixed with some of the home farm sausagemeat. This was rolled inside:
and tied (though you could use cocktail sticks instead)

Then sealed to get a good colour on it and braised for 3 hours in red wine, onions, carrots and beef stock:
You could also use beer instead of wine. Once cooked, I removed the beef olive, onions etc. and re-boiled the sauce to thicken it a little, and added a dash of balsamic, then cut the beef olive into 4 and served it as above with some watercress.

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My bistro menu reviewed by a fellow local food blogger: What I Ate Today. They seemed to have left the salad and lemon oil for the starter in their fridge though.

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thepassionatecook said...

wow... what a fantastic selection of bistro dishes!!! a true treasure chest of inspiration... i also have some pearl barley in the back of a cupboard which i should be using up... so will be trying this recipe very soon! thanks for your contribution!

Jan said...

A lovely lot of food!
Made me laugh as I actually have a friend that once asked for chicken caesar salad - without the caesar LOL
Yes that really is true - bless her!

Matt said...

That beef skirt really does look something special. Sounds a lovely combination with the pearl barley.

Marta said...

Hi James! I'm new to your blog and I'm already so glad I found you! I loev your dishes, they are certainly more gourmet than I usually cook, but I love finding inspiration from people like you. I'll continue to visit you :)

Paula Maack said...

What an inspired dish! It looks and sounds wonderful.

Cut me a slice, won't you? Yumm!!!

I love that you included links to so many other bistro recipes - fab! Thank you for sharing!!


~ Paula

James said...

Thanks everyone!

Johanna - The pearl barley risotto is one of my new favourite things.

Marta - Welcome! You could save these kind of recipes for special occasions. It's always birthdays/ anniversaries/ family events that I cook these dishes for.

Paula - I'll attach a slice of the beef olive to an email and send it over!.....