Chef for the evening

Thursday, April 23, 2009
"What's that? Oh it's the door."

It's always funny to see the reaction when I turn up as the suprise chef for the evening for someone's birthday, in this case a 60th between Moreton in Marsh and Shipston on Stour.

Salad of parma ham, pears and goats cheese was followed by fillet of beef with rosti and roulades of sole with mussel and saffron paella (left, before plating) and white wine sauce.

"I loved the dessert!" said one guest as I cleared up in the kitchen afterwards "It's like you don't have to decide which dessert to have - you just have all of them. "

Assiette of desserts

Each assiette of desserts is different depending on what guests (or the organiser of the event) choose. In this case we went heavy on the berries:

Mini vanilla creme brulée
Strawberry and champagne tartlets
Shotglass of tiramasu
Raspberry shortbread
Chocolate dipped strawberries

Canape sized tart cases cooked in the afternoon.

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Jan said...

All sounds and looks yummy! I'm loving the salad of parma ham, pears and goats cheese.

fiona said...

Looks delicious - desserts are indeed fab!

Maggie said...

The desserts look amazing James. I would have loved all of those!