Vegan chocolate tart with vegan ice cream

Monday, March 02, 2009
Vegetarians and vegans I feel always get the short end of the stick in restaurants. What I like about the way I work is I know dietary requirements in advance, so I can plan things so everyone can have the same meal - if that is what they want of course.

When it came to the chocolate tart dessert I served at Littleton Manor on Saturday, it was just a matter of altering the recipes a little. For the pastry base I swapped butter and lard combination I normally use for pure soya margarine. I made 2, just in case of breakages, in round tins, rather than the fluted tins I normally used so they wouldn't get mixed up in transit.

For the chocolate filling I found this recipe (I liked it because unlike the other vegan recipes I looked at it didn't contain tofu). For the ice cream, I looked at so many recipes, until I realised I could adapt my normal crème fraîche ice cream recipe - swapping crème fraîche for soy yogurt, and the normal milk for soy milk. And
the result was pretty impressive.

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