Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rack of lamb with aubergine and potato gratin and roast courgettes

Looking for lamb dishes to move on from the saddle of lamb with pearl barley risotto, I kept coming accross recipes for moussaka. Moussaka we like, but how could you do it differently......

Roast aubergines layered up in the middle of pototo gratin. A thin layer of potato, a layer of aubuergine, another layer of potato, then repeat and top with a little grated cheese and bake - an hour - an hour & a half.

The other flavour you associate with moussaka is tomato and basil. The tomatoes came in the form of oven dried tomatoes and a little chopped basil stirred into the sauce just before serving.

For the lamb I really wanted to go for racks for a change. I always see them as I pick everything else up in the farm shop and roasted lamb cutlets where can you go wrong - everyone loves them.

The butcher at Home Farm saws through the chine bone but leaves it on. This is good as I can use it to make a stock for the sauce.

I just run along the bone to remove it.

Then, for deliveries, as this one was, it is sealed on the outside and placed on a potato trivet and rosemary which infuses the lamb as it roasts, and it just needs 25 - 30 minutes in the oven. After resting for 10 - 15 minutes you flash it back in the oven to give it another burst of heat (or under the grill) and cut between each bone giving 3 per portion.

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Anonymous said...

this looks darn tasty! I like the idea of using potato gratin as the base...

Jan said...

That aubergine gratin of yours looks lovely - a great idea!

Joie de vivre said...

What a gorgeous piece of meat. I bet the bone makes great stock.