Nicoise vegetable tart

Wednesday, March 04, 2009
An old family ratatouille recipe bound with liason (1 pint cream & 3 - 4 eggs - or scaled down for small amounts) and a sprinkling of fresh thyme.

Underneath - since you ask - are oven dried tomatoes - see link below. And it's olive oil and balsamic.


How do you stop your pastry from shrinking when you blind bake the case?

I cut the pastry much larger that I need so there's a large overhang as shown here. You put your weight inside (baking beans or flour), then take it out when it's half done, brush the inside with beaten egg to cover any holes (see link below) and make the base firmer, then finish baking.

When it is cooked, take it out of the oven and trim the edges to the top of the case. You have to be careful when doing this or the side can crack - use a small sharp (not serrated) knife, almost flat against the rim of the pastry case tin. I start at the heel of the knife, and run it through to the tip turning the tart tin as I go - one long knife stroke. Do it while the pastry is still hot (use a t-towel) so it's pliable.

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Anonymous said...

Looks delicious! What's underneath? Balsamic vinegar, or some sort of sauce?

Jan said...

Love the look of that tart!

Unknown said...

That tart looks good!

Sam said...

They look great! Can I ask, how do you stop your pastry from shrinking when you blind bake the case. I've got some little tart tins but my pastry just shrinks and I'm left with a disk of pastry on the bottom with no sides!

James said...

Thanks Sam. See edit above - hopefully that answers the pastry prob.

Sam said...

Thanks for the quick and in depth answer James that's really helpful.