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Monday, March 23, 2009
6 hour pot roast shoulder of lamb

Shoulder of lamb, like shin beef really is one of the most tastiest cuts - if cooked long enough. After cooking in red wine, carrots (no onions for this one as one guest had an onion allergy), rosemary from the garden for 6 hours it was soft and delicious. [Edit] The photo above is from a lunch I cooked and served a couple of weeks later. The one below was a delivery sunday lunch

Signed and sealed 8:30 on Saturday morning. As we were cooking for them later at Rectory Park I was able to finish the sauce (thickening, adding mint and capers) there in between serving the main course and dessert and later left everything in their fridge for them to heat the next day.
The butcher at Home Farm had left me the bones after boning the shoulders which I added the pan - to maximise the flavour. Another party which we delivered on the way to Rectory Park were having racks of lamb, and the chine bone from the racks made a great buffer down the side of the lamb shoulders (see above) to stop them sticking to the side of the tin while they cooked.

Shown above chilled and sliced for a frozen meal

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Sam said...

Shoulder is my favourite cut for roasting, it takes a long time but it's well worth it!