Seared scallops with jerusalem artichoke puree and champagne sauce

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Parsnip puree? Done that.
Pea puree? Done that
Asparagus and tiger prawns? Done that, and it's not asparagus season yet.
Celariac puree? Did that once last year as a special request, but there was roast celariac with the main course.

When I was looking for something to go with scallops for this year's Valentine's Day menu, I remembered I had really neglected Jerusalem artichokes this season, and the season was just about to end. You can't miss something like this. I had to try really hard to find these ones:

They really are vegetable royalty - there's just nothing else like them. If you haven't tried them before don't be confused with globe artichokes - the taste and textures are quite a long way apart - but both are wonderful.

Jerusalem artichokes always remind me of pink fur potatoes, which incidentally, if you are thinking of growing anything you should grow these because they are so hard to find in shops, and when you do are astronomical in price.

I used the same cooking method as my fondant potatoes in chicken stock and butter. By the time the liquid is reduced they are soft - if not, you add a little more liquid and let that reduce again. The syruppy gloop of the chicken stock and butter is added to the puree - that's where the flavour is. If you want to roast them, you can pop them in the oven instead at this point to finish.

Champagne sauce

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Sam said...

Wow, sounds delicious. Scallops seem to very fashionable at the moment, I really must try cooking some.

Thanks for your tips on the cheesecake, I'll certainly be following your advice for next time.

Jan said...

All looks and sounds yummy. I LOVE scallops!

Maggie said...

This sounds like a great combination. My parents grew Jerusalem artichokes and would make a chiffon pie with them.