Lemon tart with raspberry sorbet and raspberry coulis

Monday, February 02, 2009
An updated version of our classic dessert previously seen here: Lemon tart label. This one has a tuile basket for the sorbet which holds it still while being carried to the table, instead of sliding accross the plate.

You want the lemon tart recipe? OK it's here on our facebook page

See tuile recipe on the sticky toffee pudding post.

This was the other dessert joining the coffee crème brûlée as part of the bistro meal at Wellacres last Saturday.

Lemon tarts for a buffet lunch

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Bistro Menu: http://www.bensonofbroadway.co.uk/autumn_and_winter_bistro_menu.html


Bellini Valli said...

Some very extraordinary and innovative dishes here. I will continue to browse:D

Margaret said...

This dessert ticks all the boxes for me.
In a restaurant I would order lemon tart with raspberries and if it came in a tuille basket with sorbet and coulis, so much the better! This looks amazing.

Jan said...

Wow - that looks good!