Assiette of desserts

Friday, February 27, 2009
Our collection of 5 mini desserts has quickly become popular. I know the kitchens of the various cottages at Upper Court probably better than my own kitchen at home and this latest line-up was served earlier at the Courtyard Cottage for the same guests as last Sunday.

Each time we serve it, it is slightly different depending on what guests choose. This one consisted of:

Mini crème brulee in Japanese spoon
Shotglass of orange sorbet - see recipe
Glazed lemon tartlets - see physalis tip here
Mini chocolate éclairs - for chocolate topping see here
Raspberry shortbread (with crème patisserie piped in the middle) - for shortbread recipe see here (without the hazelnuts).

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Jan said...

Hope you saved some for me? They all look delish!

Sam said...

That must be a lot of work but it looks fantastic!