New Year 2008

Monday, January 05, 2009
Our busiest ever new year saw 4 events on New Years eve, and another to a regular customer delivered the day before, on the way to cooking for a group of 26 deep in to solving a murder mystery.

While my brother, Adam, was cooking at Upper Court, my New Year's eve was spent cooking in the luxury of Kempley Barns near Ross-on-Wye. As I was both cooking and serving, and had two options per course to contend with there was scarce time for photos, until desert time.


Seared scallops champagne with parsnip puree and sauce - as seen last year.

It is still one of my favourite dishes, and suits the luxury feel of new years eve so well. So they are served at their best the scallops are pan-fried as the guests have been seated.

Roast butternut squash risotto with toasted coconut and chilli -

Also as seen last year, but with an enhanced method. Instead of tinned coconut milk which I have used previously I used the coconut milk straight from the inside of the coconut used to make the dried cocnut flakes that go on top. This gave you a real coconut flavour, but a more savoury, and natural one. The remaining coconut that wasn't used to make crisps, I grated and added. Caribbeans use coconut as a savoury ingredient - almost like a vegetable, and that is what I did here, and it turned out very well - as reflected in the comments from the member of the party who had chosen it.

Risotto ingredients - roast butternut squash, chilli and coconut

Main Course

Breast of pheasant with cointreau and orange sauce served with dauphinoise potato, roast celeriac and french beans

An enhanced version of my own Christmas lunch which I cooked late on Christmas Day evening, after getting back from my Christmas lunch deliveries in London.
The pheasant is wrapped in streaky bacon to protect the breast meat. It is left to rest, bacon removed and then flashed back in the oven.

Cointreau sauce - As it happened, our delivery meal to Littleton Manor on the same day was coq au vin for 20, so I used some of the coq au vin sauce as a base for the pheasant. To see how that sauce is made see previous entry. For the pheasant sauce I added the roasting juices from the pheasant, cointreau and a little grated orange zest. This is possibly the most flavoursome sauce I have made to date. The left over pheasant carcass, and those from another party we were cooking for at Wellacres were used to make the stock used in the foie gras and chicken terrine a couple of days afterwards.
Loin of lamb with spinach and black pudding stuffing served with dauphinoise potato, roast celeriac and french beans -

An alterative version of our ever popular lamb dish


Sticky toffee pudding with sticky toffee pecan sauce and Cotswold clotted cream
The most popular dessert again this year - an updated version of our previous presentation.

Pear and blackberry tart with crème anglaise

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ncfoodie said...

Wow, this meal looks fantastic.

My parents lived in the Cotswolds for three years while I was in graduate school, and my husband and I had the opportunity to visit a couple times. It's lovely. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be back to visit yours!

Sam said...

What a great job to have! Your food looks amazing, really amazing!

Thanks for the tips on making cheesecake, I plan on making it again and will certainly take your advice.