Assiette of desserts

Sunday, January 25, 2009
Our collection of 5 mini desserts has quickly become popular. This latest line-up was served at Rectory Park last night on their wonderful Booths china - where we served the first assiette of desserts last year.

Each time we serve it, it is slightly different depending on what guests choose. While the assiette of desserts I delivered to Upper Court, on the same night, was the same as the one I served in December because they liked the look of that, this one consisted of:
  • Mini crème brulee in Japanese spoon
  • Chocolate dipped strawberries
  • Glazed lemon tartlets
  • Mini chocolate éclairs
  • Raspberry shortbread (with crème patisserie piped in the middle)
Mini chocolate eclairs The secret to successful eclairs is beating the mix after adding the flour and returning to the heat - that gets the air in there which means you have light airy eclairs rather than shortbread.

Piping éclairs earlier in the day

The thing that puts me off supermarket, and even some bakery eclairs is the thin coating of chocolate icing on top that, in any case, normally sticks to the bag on the way home. I prefer the Hugh version here: With this thick, rich chocolate coating you've just died and gone to heaven! Related posts:

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