Assiette of desserts

Monday, January 05, 2009
Dark chocolate tart with gold leaf
Homemade orange sorbet
Japanese spoons of crème brûlée
Mini strawberry meringue roulade
White chocolate and blueberry cheesecake

White chocolate and blueberry cheesecake as served as part of our chocolate trio dessert for last Valentine's Day menu. White chocolate is blended into our normal vanilla cheesecake mix and fresh blueberries added - similar to blueberries in blueberry muffins.

It was nice, at last, to be asked for orange sorbet. Orange ice-cream was the first ever ice cream I made in my machine when I got it when I was about 15. I was amazed at how fresh the taste was - like eating chilled oranges picked staight from the tree - something you could never hope to get from a shop-brought product. I found the orange sorbet exactly the same - so fresh tasting (maybe helped by the fact it was made on the morning of the day we served it), and like an essence of orange. I added 2 more oranges than the recipe and added a 'little' Cointreau. It is topped with crystallised orange zest, made in the same way as lemon zest shown here.

Mini strawberry meringue roulade
A smaller, thinner version of our favourite summer dessert, as seen last year. Always cooked fresh on the day, it starts off like this:

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