Canapé yorkshire pudding

Thursday, December 11, 2008
Mini yorkshire pudding with grilled fillet of beef and horseradish.

The all-time favourite canapé, here set up for delivery earlier this evening. For our finger buffet menu they are made slightly larger.

It helps to have two doors to your kitchen, so you can bypass the guests crowding around the first door waiting for these to come out - that way your guests at the other side of the room get a chance too. And it always helps to have more of these than anything else.

Once made up they need just 3 - 4 minutes in the oven to heat. Any more, and you risk the yorkshire puddings taking on the characteristics of charcoal......

Link to recipe & top tips to make the best yorkshire pudding on our Kitchen Tip #41. Here's how they were made.
Cooked in a miniture bun tin (look in your local kitchen shop), they are left to chill.
If, after chilling, the bottom of the yorkshire is no longer flat, slice a tiny slither off so it will sit flat on the plate. Not too much though - as you don't want a hole in it.
Fillet steak seared on the grill pan, then finished in the oven for 8 - 10 minutes, is here resting after cooking....
... then sliced, and then the slices are cut smaller so they will fit the mini yorkshire puddings. They are finished with horseradish. A small parsley sprig can be added too after re-heating - presentation is everything.

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Jules said...

We had these on our wedding day and I could have easily eaten a whole tray of them! I think they are certainly one of the best canapes.

Plumbing South Yorkshire said...

I’ve been tried this before, I think it’s a great idea for dinner guests.

James said...

Sure are. We have to find other exits from the kitchen because you find guests will linger round the door ready to pounce :-)