Best beef and Cotswold Way ale pie

Sunday, December 14, 2008
As I said once before, the good thing about being asked to make the same dish again and again is that you can perfect it, and make it better and better each time you do it.

A week ago I made my best apple pie, yesterday, or in fact, two days ago now, I made my best beef pie.

I found a new pastry recipe - For shortening I use lard - the traditional english pastry ingredient. This pastry is just so good to work with - and tastes great! N.B. For savoury pies I don't add the sugar.

For the best beef filling use shin beef - see my earlier post here: Beef and Cotswold Way ale pie It needs long cooking (4hrs min) but is so worth it.

How do you stop your pie burning on the outside before the pastry is cooked through? See my post here: 1001 Kitchen Tips # 42 - How do I stop the edges of my pie burning?

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