1001 kitchen tips # 35 - Keep your marinading oil

Wednesday, December 03, 2008
Where were you the first time you tasted........ (insert here)

The first time I tasted marinated artichokes was in the larder part of the Lygon Arms kitchen. Unlike so many proffessional kitchens, this one had windows - and they were all located, luckily, on the the larder section. Our head chef at the time, Roger Narbett, liked to keep empty the empty 2 kilo jars lined up along he window, full of the spices, lentils, beans etc that we would use. Looks are everything. Apparently. More importantly than keeping the jars, however, you need to keep the oil. Use as a salad dressing, to fry with (fish fried in the marinading oil takes on a whole new flavour), and add to mash potato, polenta, even risotto. Whisk it into mayonnaise too (you can let it down with a drop of warm water if you need to). It imparts whole new meditteranean flavour into your otherwise everyday tasting food.

For a lighter idea for a sauce to accompany your meat dish, try whisking the marinading oil into a little gravy/ red wine sauce, add a little vinegar (could be sherry, balsamic syrup, white balsamic etc), maybe a little mustard (wholegrain or dijon), a fresh herb or two, and you have a dressing which could be either warm or cold.

The same can be said of marindaded pepper oil, or any marinaded veg come to that.

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Joie de vivre said...

What a great idea! My mother in law always keeps the brine from jars of pickles (?). Still not sure what she does with it, but the oil sounds very useful!