Kitchen tips #33 - Smoked salt - a good reason for smoking

Sunday, November 02, 2008
It's not just salmon, tuna, halibut, duck and venison that can be smoked. Smoked oil and salt make welcome additions to the kitchen store cupboard. Drizzle smoked oil over fresh fish before grilling for a 'smoky' flavour, or it's delicious in creamed potato.

You can use smoked salt in exhange for maldon salt - flavouring many of your dishes - imagine the flavour of smoked bacon. Sprinke it over meats, fish and vegetables before grilling/ roasting. Also - try sprinkling on top of chocolate brownies - so you get the taste of the smoked salt crystals bursting in your mouth a little like popping candy.

Or you can try adding it to roasted almonds for a smoked flavour:


miss v said...

i've never seen smoked salt.... where can you find it?

James said...

Good independant delis will stoc it. Or here: